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Special Issue: Recent Advances in Health Improvement Strategies


an Open Access journal by MDPI

We are delighted to announce that selected papers presented at the International Health Conference 2018 will be published free of charge to a Special Issue of Medical Sciences, a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal indexed at PubMed. The title of the Special Issue will be Recent Advances in Health Improvement Strategies.

This Special Issue will bring to the fore and highlight major current developments in health services and improvement strategies in Europe, the US and around the world. It aims to foster the uptake of research and evidence-based innovations in all areas of science that contribute to health and well-being through better health services. Particularly encouraged, therefore are papers grounded in practice or improvement or emphasising the link between research and practice or policy from all relevant allied disciplines and perspectives including Medicine, Primary Care, Nursing, Mental Health, Public Health, Clinical Trials as well as Health Economics, Health Management, Medical Statistics, Social Science and Health, Health Policy and Systems, Psychology, Implementation Research as well as Health Services Research.

Prof. Paul Anand
Prof. Seeromanie Harding
Prof. Mark Exworthy
Guest Editors of the Special Issue

Only papers to be presented at the conference, either as oral or poster presentations, will be considered for publication in this Special Issue. Academics, researchers and health professionals interested in submitting an article for publication to the Issue are required to both submit an abstract and register to the conference. 

Delegates to the conference who wish their papers to be considered for publication to the Special Issue should submit their full papers to the journal by August 31, 2018. All papers submitted will be subject to peer review by the journal. To read full details about the submission process and submit your paper, please visit: http://www.mdpi.com/journal/medsci/special_issues/Health_Improvement_Strategies#info

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As part of the submission process, it is mandatory to state in your cover letter to the journal both the TITLE and NUMBER of your conference abstract. Otherwise, your paper will NOT be considered for publication. 

Questions of queries about the Special Issue can be addressed to Theofili Kampianaki, at: [email protected]

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